You may have a look at Just a few examples of our contribution to 
​the success of our clients in a variety of sectors
A global transport technology company with approx. EUR 85 million annual revenue decided to enter another EU market and they participated in an EUR 2.5 million tender. A competitor appealled the awarding decision in favour of the client before the local competition authority and lost it. All ended up successfully for the client mainly because of the arguments under competition law and client went into production and supply for years to follow.
An international brand of rejuvenation clinics successfully ensured flawless operation on the European market and has never been sanctioned for a violation of Competition law which would have been fatal for thier reputation. They followed on our advise, complied with all relevant restrictions on marketing and competition and still realized their business plan.
A woldwide operational software developer with approx. USD 90 billion annual revenue has never been sanctioned by the EU or a local competition authority under our counseling on how to structure its discounts, rebates, distribution and agency  and related practices, etc. This way they saved millions of US dollars on possible penalties.
A pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland with approx. CHF 50.6  billion annual revenue entered the EU market and the first thing to do on their list was to assign a complete review of their vertical and horizontal practices for compliance with the EU Competition law regulations in their countries of operation. As a result they never had any trouble with the authorities on the matter based on our prior counseling they obtained for the jurisdictions we have been mandated for.
A worldwide logistics company established in the 70s with approx. EUR 14 billion annual revenue planned to acquire a smaller player on the EU market and needed advise on the steps and procedure to fully comply with EU Competition law. As a result of our mandate on the case they avoided investigation by the Commission on a forbidden data exchange they were about to accomplish.
Experts of our law office often contribute to multimillion projects on the development of the Bulgarian e-Government. Also when it comes to drafting amendments to the specific legislation on eID, eSignature, etc. branch organizations in the field of IT turn to us for counseling and assessment on impending changes as a result of e-Government implementation stages which are about to  influence the position of their members.
We advised an international company specialized in the consumer credit reporting sector with approx. USD 4.6 billion annual revenues which collects and aggregates information on over one billion people and businesses around the world  to flawlessly migrate personal data from an EU mamber state to the US by also complying with the EU-US Privacy Shield (former International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles).
An international digital security company providing software applications, secure personal devices such as smart cards and tokens, and managed services with approx. EUR 3.2 million annual revenue turned to us for advise on the proper legal steps to expand to one more EU market in compliance with the local competition requlations and related public procurement practices and we helped them tailor their best approach.
A global producer of organically farmed jam, honey and chocolate spreads with approx. EUR 88 million annual revenues turned to us at a very late stage where some unintentional misconduct has already occurred. However, with a thorough assessment of the appicable EU law to back up the negotiations with the funding authority which demanded some of the funds to be refunded we successfuly managed to minimize the sanctions. 
A transnational consumer goods company producing food, beverages and personal care products with approx. EUR 53 billion annual revenues needed a specific advise on the competition law aspect of an impending M&A transaction and especially assessment of the practices of the entity to be acquired. As a result some risks have been identified and client modified its strategy accordingly.
A global e-commerce advertising company primarily operating across Central and Eastern Europe with approx. EUR 400 million annual revenues needed advise and a full review of their rebate and discount practices to comply Competition law and avoid any future sanctions. As a result of the provided assessment and proposed modifications they have never even been investigated.
Experts from our law office have advised one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world with approx. EUR 21 billion of annual revenue on its volume rebate schemes in order to be compatible with competition regulations and requirements on an EU level and on a national level for the market they were planning to step in.  Because of our advise they modified their approach and successfully calculated their discounts pursuant to the authority's practice and guidelines.
A high-tech company with approx. EUR 214 million of annual revenue that develops communication and information systems in fields such as air traffic management and public safety & transport  was in a need of counseling on the  structure of their relations with a local partner complying the competition and data protection practices  in order to submit a bid for a tender in another  EU member state. Experts of our team successfully formed the necessary partneship.